Rain, Convent and Rough Sea

August, 2014, former convent of Ca’ Roman, Pellestrina, Venice
Project by Daniela Berti
Curated by Sara Berton


Rain, Convent and Rough Sea is an artistic project that took place in the former convent of Ca ‘Roman Pellestrina.
The title is taken from a weather forecast referred to the island of Pellestrina, from which the two key words of the title.

The first, “convento”, is introduced by the words’ game between the element wind (in Italian “con-vento” means “with-wind”) and the religious venue that hosts the six work exposure, the convent itself.
The second “rough sea” is just as important as it allows the introduction of what I and Daniela considered the main distinctive element of the space: the water.

I luoghi della Mente, Tentativo n° 1

It’s curious that an environment so bare, dusty and full of bricks, let us think about the water. However, this element is present in every detail of the quiet objects living in the convent: the -almost liquid-broken glasses of the windows are forming suspended clusters of drops; the ivy gushes down the stairs. The light itself becomes liquid, it creates shades and it imitates the sparkling bubbles of water.
The space itself is fluid: it is a place with no age.
It is not clear if it’s about to be demolished or constructed. New elements mingle with the old and the dust blends this mixture of architectural contradictory.
It is an environment full of spirituality but is presented to us as a dirty, dilapidated and suspended building.
Now it becomes a no-place, pillaged from all its religious elements: what remains it’s just a skeleton of brick and lime.

I Luoghi della Mente, Tentativo n°1, by Daniela Berti, 2014

The project aims to set up in this space six different works with various media but with similar topics.
The idea is to gently fit within a delicate space , to propose an installation that doesn’t invade, but that interact with this place already full of charm and identity.
The result is a dialogue between the art works and the space: a mixture of timeless stories, people and memories.

Photography Mnemonic in Paintings

Costruire Libere Associazioni, by Daniela Berti, 2014

Ri-serva, by Daniela Berti, 2014

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