A Matter of Memory

Post Images, o de-visions by Nina Alessandri, 2014

Collective exibition. Spazio Punch, Venice
From January 27 to February 8, 2014

Curated by
Sara Berton

With projects by
Nina Alessandri, Tommaso Bagnati, Francesco Battaglia, Daniela Berti, Riccardo Bucci, Giammarco Cugusi, Alberto Dori, Patrick Gastaldon, Virginia Landi, Alessio Mazzaro, Francesca Mignemi, Olmo Pietro Missaglia, Lorenzo Montefinese, Giuditta Natale, Serena Sandri, Arianna Vanzella, Tommaso Zaffagnini

“The memory gradually appears as a haze that may condense; from virtual passes to the current state; and as its contours are outlined and its surface is colored, it tends to imitate perception. But with its deep roots remains attached to the past, and if, once realized, not buckled its original virtuality, if it had not been at the same time present and something that breaks the present, we do not ever recognize it as a memory.” H.Bergson

Rebirth by Arianna Vanzella, 2014

A Matter of Memory is a curatorial project that has been proposed as a result of the art workshop cunducted by Liliana Moro, IUAV, University of Venice.
The title leads to a twofold interpretation on the relationship between the memory, the time and the matter.

Prendo la forma del vuoto by Francesca Mignemi, 2014

A Matter of Memory is a project composed by different stages,
each of which illustrates a moment of the existence:
life, death, and in particular what survives death.
It shows the remembrance of the past and attempt to save him, the frustration in seeing that every effort is in vain, that everything flows and the time slips through your fingers, the awareness that comes and acceptance that there is something that is beyond us.

For more informations visit the official website of Spazio Punch which hosted this exhibition:

Concerto per Appartamenti by Olmo Missaglia e Francesco Battaglia, 2013

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