The Artists Die!

Collective exhibition
Fondamenta delle Zattere, Venice
May 30th 2014

Curated by
Sara Berton

Projects by
Francesco Battaglia
Daniela Berti
Lara Lakay
Martina Salgarella
Tommaso Zaffagnini

Ri-serva by Daniela Berti, 2014

Crepino gli artisti is a curatorial project that deals with figure of the painter and theatre director Tadeusz Kantor.
The lashing imperative of the title (that means: “the artists die!”), which takes one of the last theatre pieces of the Polish director, wants to provoke and make people think about the frequent mistrust of art and artists:
Often the artists are unfairly marked by injury, but here they are described by Kantor as holders of the truth.

vernissage, Crepino gli artisti

“The processes that take place in contemporary art, the radical
revaluations, which break out, destroy, that seem absurd, that are ridiculed, humiliated, prohibited, are a set of ideas and facts that continually renew human consciousness.
You need to know these processes; not only that: you have to share these, generating them and assuming the risks.
Otherwise you do not create anything essential, but only conventional and disengaged things.”



A project of the Laboratory of Visual Arts 5 conducted by Agnes Kohlmeyer.
Bachelor in Visual Arts and Theatre,
IUAV University of Venice.

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